Supplements and Proteins


Supplements and Proteins

Our body naturally uses protein to build and repair tissues.Muscle mass We also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and many other body chemicals. Protein is a very important factor when it comes to our immune system and it also allows our body to build bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and cells.

Every cell in the human body contains protein. We require protein in our everyday diet to help repair The body cells and develop new ones.

Protein is also important for stimulating the growth and development in small children, teenager’s, and pregnant women. Some supplements are used for building muscle and it contains relatively more protein.

On the other hand, other supplements are also used for weight loss.


Although there are several health benefits that comes from omega-3, I’d like to discuss a few.

Omega 3 appears to prevent abnormal heartbeats, helps in preventing clogged artery walls, decrease blood clotting, triglycerides (blood fat), and inflammation but helps increase HDL (good cholesterol)

When it comes to exercise, Omega-3 has lots of other benefits for athletic performance. Omega-3 supplements can improve muscle strength and function.

It also reduces muscle damage and soreness, and improve the function of the heart and lungs as well


Whey Protein

What is Whey? Well, Whey is the watery part of milk when separated in the process of making cheese. Whey is a form of a protein and protein has an enormous range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly.

There has been several debates on showing that it can help you increase strength, gain muscle and lose high amounts in body fat. Whey protein is a variety of proteins secluded from whey.

The liquid protein material consist of lactalbumin, serum albumin and immunoglobulins.


Magnesium is an important mineral for your body and brain. Magnesium is found in foods like Whole Wheat. Most whole grain foods are a good source of magnesium.

It is also found in Quinoa, spinach, dark chocolate, black beans, almonds, cashews, peanuts, avocado, tofu and much more! Magnesium is an important compound that your body feeds off of in order to function.

It produces energy and regulates blood sugar levels and chemical reactions inside the body. Magnesium helps build the proper levels of other compounds such as calcium, potassium, and zinc.

Your heart, your muscles, and kidneys all need magnesium to work properly and effectively. The mineral also helps build bones and teeth.

Vitamin D & K

To seek the full potential benefits of vitamin D supplements, it is best to be taken with vitamin k.

While vitamin D helps minimize the potential risk of toxins, some scientists believe that vitamin K supplements activates the MGP (Matrix gla protein) a protein that helps direct calcium to the needed places in your body.

Matrix gla protein is a part of the family of vitamin-K2. Vitamin D helps your body absorb the all-important calcium while vitamin K helps trigger the calcium.Calcium


Probiotics is an active bacteria and yeasts that are good for you and your immune system, especially your digestive system. We normally think of these as germs that cause diseases.

But it is the complete opposite. Your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called “good” bacteria because they help keep your body healthy.


Astaxantin is a keto-carotenoid. It is a part of a large family of chemical compounds better known as terpenes. Terpenes are built from five carbon precursors, isopentenyl phosphate, and dimethylallyl phosphate.

It reduces high cholesterol, and Its responsibility on oxidation stress in the blood can help reduce high blood pressure, improve heart health, prevent diabetes, and decrease the risk of brain damage from stroke.

It’s a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Astaxanthin has been found to have plenty of anti-inflammatory properties. This compound carries antioxidants and provide the main source of the health claims and all the supplements.

Particularly when used to help treat cancer. The natural sources of astaxanthin are found in foods such as algae, yeast, salmon, trout, krill, shrimp and crayfish.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Similar to fish oils, fermented cod liver oil is an excellent protein of omega-3 fatty acids. Most diets nowadays don’t include enough foods that are rich and high in omega-3s, but holds far too many omega-6 fatty acids, which can be inflammatory.

A healthy diet contains a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which is a good balance for the body. Cod liver oil is also holds a great component of vitamins A and D, both of which have antioxidant properties.

Cod liver oil is really easy to add to your diet. It comes in many ways, but liquid and capsule forms are the most common way nowadays. There are no set guidelines for cod liver oil intake, so most recommendations are based on safe intake levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and D.

Its recommended to take 1–2 teaspoons a day and nothing more than that.

Why is protein important

Supplementation helps to transport, feed and nourish your muscles. Supplements provides anti-oxidants like vitamins A,C and E that we do not get the opportunity to get 100% from the food we eat.

Most medications deplete essential nutrients and in today’s market of pharmaceutical drugs, supplements help to restore balance within our immune system. To insure that you are receiving your daily dose, a multivitamin is like having an insurance policy.

A daily guarantee to ensure your body gets the vitamins, nutrition and minerals it needs. A multivitamin can unbalance these deficiencies. It’s Good for your heart. Scientists show that taking a high-quality multivitamin may reduce cardiovascular disease.

Protein powder is the most popular nutritional supplement there is today. Protein is an essential macro nutrient that helps build muscle, repair tissue, and make enzymes and hormones.

Using a protein powder can also help in weight loss and can help people tone their muscles as well. That concludes my intake on Supplements and Proteins.

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6 thoughts on “Supplements and Proteins

  1. I believe I need more protein and lesser carbs as I’m getting into my late 30s. I’ll try to increase protein intake as you suggested and hopefully, manage to shed off some excess weight.

  2. Hey Sonja, just got done reading your article and I thought it was a very good read!

    I’ve taken most of these supplements at one point or another, in fact I’m downing a Protein Shake right now. They’re great for replenishing your body with vital nutrients after a hard workout. Did you know protein also helps quench hunger and keeps you full for longer?

    I’ve also recently learned that Magnesium and Vitamins B, C, and D are all good for people that suffer from Anxiety issues like myself. Oh, and don’t forget the Omega 3!

    Just a few tips from a friendly passerby, all the best!

  3. Good information here. It wasn’t until I decided to drastically cut down on the carbs that I realized just how much of it is in almost everything. Now I try to keep my carbs limited to one or two per day. More doable now that I’m aware of which foods to choose. I use Whey Protein powder in shakes and add it to my Kodiak cakes (pancakes). I can only eat up to 2 pancakes when I do because they are so filling! I also take up to 5-6 supplements daily including CQ10, Flaxseed Oil, Tumeric and Bee Propolis to name a few.

  4. Informative post there. One is not getting young anymore and when we reach the age fifty and beyond we start losing bone mass and density, it’s essential to boost our bodies with the right amount of protein and those minerals that play a role in strengthening our bones and muscles health. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I always try and help my mom stay motivated in moving around because she too is of age and I would like for her to be with me as long as she can

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